Music by Kevin D. Hoover.  The "AirTrain JFK" video will
broadcast on CNN monitors in JFK International Airport as
well as website and Internet portals for AirTrain JFK and
Port Authority of New York and  New Jersey.
Music: "Rockstar" - Nino's Yung n' Hung Mix by
Kevin D. Hoover featuring Johnny Dangerous.  This
promotional video has been created for the launch of the
Otter Fashion swimwear collection, "Rock Star."
Music by Kevin D. Hoover. This Industrial music video
promotes the expanded Express Rail system at the New
York ports. To be used in conjunction with other
promotional materials to facilitate expansion and growth
for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey port
system and it's vendor.
"AIRTrain JFK"
"Rockstar Swimwear"
"Express RAIL music video"
Music by Kevin D. Hoover.  This is an excerpt from a short
film by Edward Gunawan and David Maurice Gil.  An extra
special thank you goes to Edward for allowing me to be
part of his vision.
"SCENT" - A Short Film
Music by Kevin D. Hoover.  This trailer for avant garde
filmmaker, Bruce La Bruce's horror epic, "LA Zombie,"
features some of the music score I created for the
"LA Zombie" - Feature Film
Music by Kevin D. Hoover. This video was created for The
2009 Jorge Posada Foundation Annual Gala, which
benefits research and treatment for craniosynostosis, a
condition one in every 2000 children is born with,
including his son, Jorge Luis. This version of the video
features my entire music score.
"The Jorge Posada Foundation"
Music by Kevin D. Hoover. The Carrera Children's Aid
Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Program is dedicated
to the prevention of teen pregnancy through workshops
and mentoring programs that teach youths about
pregnancy prevention as well as tutoring, self-expression
through arts, job club, establishing a bank account and
other components aimed at inspiring them to desire a
productive future. This video commemorates their 25th
"The Carrera Program 25th Anniversary"
"Solar Decathlon 2011"
Music by Kevin D. Hoover  This industrial features  
Parson's New School of Design and their participation
in the Solar Decathlon, a competition focused on
cutting edge design, usage of sustainable materials
and cost-effective renewable energy sources.
"Broken" - Short  Film
Music by Kevin D. Hoover. The award -winning short film
by up and coming British filmmaker, Simon Pierce.  This
powerful film explores the horrors of war and their
aftermath for a young, female Iraq War Vet.
"Bite Marks" - Feature Film
Music by Kevin D. Hoover.  This trailer for the
horror-comedy romp by filmmaker, Mark Bessinger
features music by Kid Dynamite Media's  own
Kevin D. Hoover.
"Intruder" - Short  Film
Music by Kevin D. Hoover.  A short film by British
filmmaker, Simon Pierce.  A
desperate and broken man
sets out to commit robbery and murder.  However, a
shocking discovery offers him one last chance to salvage
what's left of his humanity.